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  • Turquoise

    Turquoise- is one of the oldest known protection amulets. It is a symbol of friendship and if you give a piece to a friend, it will bring them good fortune. Turquoise becomes much attuned to the energy of its owner and becomes very meaningful and personal and personal to them, as it takes on their characteristics. Because of its heavenly energy, turquoise is believed to provide not only protection from any negativity, but also a clear connection to the purity of natural elements, especially water and air. The water energy in turquoise can facilitate a better flow of energy in one's body, thus promoting a gentle detoxification and improving the state of one's immune system. Turquoise brings peace to the home and carries great wisdom and the ability to tune into higher guidance and wisdom.
  • Quartz

    Quartz- is especially useful as an aid in problem solving and because of this, it is known as the stone of clarity. It aids the intellect in its ability to see the truth of a matter and act accordingly. It is an excellent stone for dispelling negativity. This stone can help bring back lost memories and help us rediscover any abilities that we had considered lost. It intensifies prayers, and positive visualization. It is extremely useful in meditation and for spiritual growth and enlightenment. Wearing quartz next to your heart, encourages purity and clarity of heart and aids in regulating and releasing old, stored energies, as Quartz is a very powerful healer.
  • Labrodorite

    Labrodorite- is a stone of power and transformation and is a useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance. Excellent for allowing you to see through illusions and determine what you need to do to create the kind of life you want to live. Labradorite helps dissolve fears and insecurities, and strengthens faith in the self and trust in the universe. It stimulates the imagination and calms an overactive mind, and aids in developing enthusiasm and new ideas.
  • Garnet

    Garnet- Garnets are said to promote good health, especially for the heart and blood, which is no surprise, given that the garnet is prized for its rich red color (which is due to its iron content). They are said to enhance bodily strength and vigor and also ward off melancholy. Garnet is also said to attract qualities of self-esteem, passion, true friendship, energy and loyalty to its wearer. If there is an area in your life in which you would like to experience more success; wear a garnet. Especially if you are wanting a more successful business as garnet is a “success stimulator”. Garnets are also traditionally exchanged by parting friends to symbolize their love and affection and to ensure they meet again
  • Blue Chalcedony

    Chalcedony- promotes gratitude and goodwill. . It invokes stillness and calm but at the same time, increases physical energy and opens the mind to new ideas. It is a powerful physical cleanser, helping with issues having to do with blood, bones and the circulatory system. It also absorbs negative energy and dissipates it before it can be passed on. It is considered a nurturing stone and one used to foster the maternal instinct and instill feelings of benevolence and generosity.
  • Pink Chalcedony

    Just as one would expect, the soft rosy glow of pink Chalcedony carries a gentle, nurturing energy. It is said to encourage empathy, reaxation and feelings of inner peace. It is believed to encourage a willingness to learn new things and to help awaken a sense of childlike wonder. Pink Chalcedony is also said to promote feelings of reassurance and trust. It is believed to be especially good for anyone who is in transition or who has recently experienced a major life change (moving, childbirth, death of a loved one, divorce etc). Pink Chalcedony can help bring calm and peace post trauma.
  • Green Prehnite

    Prehnite is believed to enhance inner knowledge. It's a wonderful stone to use and wear while visualizing what you want your future to look like. It assists in manifesting and can help to restore your trust in the universe. It can also help to bring you into harmony with nature and the elemental forces (earth, wind, water, fire). Prehnite is also said to calm the environment and to bring peace and protection and can be helpful for those who want to de-clutter their lives or homes or both.